Taking on the 800-Lb. Gorilla and Kicking its...

Kenwood Communications, maker of commercial and emergency two-way radios, as well as consumer-grade FRS “walkie-talkies,” asked Roher to manage the launch of the company’s new light industrial grade two-way radios – a new class of radio for Kenwood that had the potential to open up new markets for the company.


Blocking Kenwood’s entry into these markets was the two-way radio industry’s dominant player: Motorola.


Roher researched and evaluated the potential end-users for this type of radio, and developed a list of 20 vertical markets, including building & construction, custodial, farming, retail, and more.    


Working in advance of the product announcement to introduce industry editors to the two-way product category, and then working through the product launch, Roher delivered more than 50 editorial placements – a combination of product announcements, product reviews, general product category coverage, interviews with company management, end-user stories, and a series of Kenwood-bylined, thought-leadership articles – in all 20 of our targeted vertical markets.


During that same time, Motorola’s coverage in these industries consisted of fewer than ten editorial mentions.


Perhaps Kenwood’s marketing manager put it best when he referred to our work at the company’s annual sales meeting as “A game-changing performance.”