Capturing a Market & Creating a New Company Narrative

Company: Optoma Technology, maker of DLP projectors for businesses, education and home entertainment


Immediate Challenge: How to maximize impact of the launch of the first pocket-sized “Pico” digital projector after letting the cat out of the bag an tipping its hand to competitors 7 months too early.


Long-term Goal: Change reputation from that of a “me-too” value projector maker to being recognized an innovative market leader


Torin Roher spearheaded development of a plan that relied on public relations & earned media to overcome Optoma’s initial missteps and maximize the initial impact of the launch.  This included: 

  • Moving up the launch date the introduction from the January CES convention to the Consumer Technology Association’s media-only event, CES Unveiled, held in New York City two months prior to the CES convention in Las Vegas. 

  • Securing an exclusive product review with New York Times’ columnist David Pogue, arguably the nation’s leading technology journalist, with the review scheduled to publish the same week as the November announcement.

  • Launching an aggressive pre-CES product review program by managing a loaner pool of 10 projectors.


The strategy of this a pre-CES launch was to capture to dominate pre-show product coverage in order to both (a) drive media traffic to the Optoma booth at CES and (b) overshadow any competitor’s plans to introduce a similar product at the show.


Pogue’s extensive and extremely positive review fueled a pre-CES media groundswell that resulted in massive consumer technology coverage, including being named Time Magazine’s “#1 Electronic Gadget of the Year.”


The result:  Optoma’s CES booth was inundated with both media and potential customers wanting to witness the Pico projector first hand, resulting in hundreds of print, broadcast and online media placements and more than 30 hands-on product reviews.


It was also the first step in changing the company narrative: In the next 12 months, Roher orchestrated the launch of several new Optoma first-of-their-kind projectors, leading to the company being recognized as an innovative industry leader and helping the company rise to being the #1 seller of DLP projectors in North America.

“The plan Torin and his team developed elevated Optoma’s brand awareness to its highest level ever and had a direct, and very positive, impact on revenues.”

John Grodem

Senior Director of Product & Marketing

Optoma Technologies